we need changes in government, he said and everyone applauded and agreed

The other day I was thinking out loud about what would happen if a politician stood up at a rally for the Tea Party or The Obama Re-election Committee and made a blanket statement about government which resonated with both sides? Would they get an applause, would someone throw a shoe at them, how about attempt to throw a book? I mean what would happen?
As I imagined this I thought of several potential lines which might bring applause based on the temperament and emboldened masses of yet, another politically charged election season. So, here is what I came up with;
"We Need Changes in Government!"
Interestingly enough, an acquaintance made such a statement to me just the other day, and I smiled, because it doesn’t mean anything, it’s as nebulous as “Hope and Change” or “Together We Stand” or even “Change Can’t Wait” and it would work no matter which side used such a slogan, because it could mean anything in between the ears of the voter who heard it, and yet, in reality, those words don’t mean a thing without proper explanation.
When my acquaintance made a similar statement, I simply said; “Boy, I could not agree more with you on the need for changes in government,” and few would disagree really. You know to me at least, it seems that politics are a really silly way to run the human race, although one could argue that politics use the innate drivers of the human psyche to try to keep societies cohesive for co-existence of so many different perspectives.